Simplify Your Software to Increase Productivity

Today’s Chief Information Officers have a difficult job to do. Managers and employees are not easily impressed and are likely to be constantly demanding new and improved software solutions. Cloud software has become vital to daily operations and using numerous solutions in the course of any given day is normal. This means that everything needs to work at optimal levels of functionality and each software solution needs to meet or exceed expectations. If it does not, employees are unlikely to make use of it and may even go searching for a new product to do the job.

CIOs need to simplify and stay on top of current cloud software usage

Quality is still better than quantity. It is best for employees within the organization to have one or two cloud software solutions that improve performance rather than a variety of solutions creating unnecessary frustrations and challenges. In this way, simplicity can often help productivity. This is one area where CIOs can make a large impact on the organization.

By identifying what features employees need and will utilize on a daily basis, CIOs can help to source cloud software solutions and weed out the ones that have either too many extras making them complicated or do not offer the level of functionality required on key features. CIOs should take the time to do this and to identify the solutions that will add the most value, making it as easy as possible for all members of the organization to reach the highest level of productivity.

Why employees can’t do this

Even though cloud software is often purchased at the individual employee level, most employees will not take the time to research a variety of solutions to identify the best one. They may find a provider offering something they need and simply go with it. The question becomes, what productivity is lost as a result of not utilizing the absolute best software solution? Additionally, if employees are making decisions on an individual basis, there is a lack of understanding regarding what is needed by other team members.

Clarity is possible when CIOs gather information and feedback from across the organization. This allows for improved decision making and better results.

To keep it simple, CIOs need data

CIOs often struggle with a lack of data when it comes to cloud software usage. SubCentral’s software solution makes it easy to obtain it. Surveys can be sent out to employees across the organization, asking them to rate various solutions that are currently being used. By gaining direct feedback on individual solutions, CIOs can begin to recognize trends, identifying frustrations and determining which solutions are adding the most value and why. This can then be useful in determining which solutions should be implemented across the organization and which ones should be cut.

With this information in hand, CIOs can get to work identifying the software solutions that are the easiest to use, simplest, yet do the best job at helping employees to meet their objectives and perform at optimal levels.

Paring down

Sometimes productivity is hampered by using too many solutions on any given day. If CIOs can identify cloud software that can help employees where they need it most and eliminate ones that are taking up time but not adding value, employees across the organization will find their jobs simplified. This may allow productivity to increase along with work performance and job satisfaction.

It all starts with data. To get it, try SubCentral.

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