Renewal Reminders Place You in Control

Understanding what cloud software is being used by your employees, how much it costs, and when each software subscription renews is a critical step if you want to regain control of the software acquisition and management process. Naturally, cloud software provides immediate benefit because your employees can find and purchase solutions as they need them. However, software still needs to be managed to ensure that you are getting the most for your money and that your company’s needs are being met. With renewal reminders, you can step back into the driver’s seat and negotiate on solution features and costs as needed.

SubCentral renewal reminders allow you to –

  • Know what software is renewing in the next 90 days. This is critical because you need time to assess each cloud software solution. With a 90-day reminder, you or the Sub Manager will have time to speak with employees about their usage, how well the solution is working and if they want to continue using it. Even if the solution is working fabulously, knowing about renewals gives you the opportunity to negotiate terms for a better contract.
  • Automatically alert Sub Managers¬†of auto renewal dates. As Sub Managers are alerted to upcoming renewal dates they can consider the value that piece of software is delivering and determine if they want to test an alternative solution. Sub Managers can then alert Finance of any changes so invoices are paid accordingly.
  • View invoice dates and amounts at a glance. Budgeting is possible when Finance can access invoice amounts, dates, and renewal terms at a glance. This information is critical when making any projections or allocating dollars regarding cloud software.