Cloud Software Management Tools for Collaboration in the C-Suite

Collaboration is the key to success in our fast-paced era. Consumer demands are changing so rapidly that businesses need to be nimble and this requires increased collaboration between CIOs with CMOs, CEOs and CFOs. Where in the past, a CIO may have had sole responsibility for the sourcing and implementation of a new software solution, now other executives are weighing in and contributing to the process. This collaboration typically begins once a need has been identified, and continues as executives test drive solutions until a purchasing decision has been made.

To maximize the value gained through software, the entire C-suite is often involved with ongoing purchase and implementation decisions throughout the year. This can lead to greater effectiveness and overall adoption of a solution but can also create some level of confusion regarding who is responsible for cloud software management.

Put a process in place

Putting a clear process in place for how executives can work together and who will handle which aspects of the purchase, review and implementation of cloud software, can prevent unnecessary delays, execution failures and ongoing management problems. We encourage companies to create a written process, regardless of how simple, to prevent unnecessary confusion. Then, once cloud software has been purchased, our solution makes managing it easier.

Collaborate, then delegate

While the entire C-suite may contribute to purchasing decisions and the testing of various software solutions, it is not necessary for company executives to be tasked with the daily management of it. This can typically be handled by a more junior employee and should be in order to free up management’s time to focus on more significant issues. Our software solution allows for an account manager to be assigned to each piece of software. That manager can be anyone within the organization. They will have the authority to assign new users, revoke privileges when an employee leaves the company or department, handle negotiations or alert the appropriate party when it is time to renegotiate the contract, etc. With managers assigned to each piece of software, companies can derive more value from their solutions.

Keep everyone in-the-know with cloud software managment tools

Collaboration within the C-suite requires accurate and real-time information. Our cloud software management solution allows executives to conduct satisfaction surveys to gain an understanding of how users are adopting, utilizing and enjoying various software solutions. Then, it is possible to determine if software is providing the level of value anticipated or if a different solution would be more appropriate. That information can be invaluable when it is time for software contracts to be renewed and renegotiated.

CIOs and shifting relationships

CIOs are mission critical to the organization but how other executives are working with CIOs is shifting. These changing relationships need to be accounted for and policies adjusted to ensure that the organization continues to adapt and is reflective of the current working environment and needs of the company. Prepare for these shifting dynamics by writing a new policy regarding the acquisition, management and implementation of cloud software. Then, to gain critical data and cloud software management solutions, look to SubCentral.

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