Are Your Employees Wasting Time and Money by Looking for Software Solutions?

There has been a monumental shift in how companies and employees consume. The consumer economy is not just for individuals but also for businesses. Each company and each employee needs tools and resources to effectively operate and meet business objectives. The question is, “What tools are necessary, how will they be acquired and who is responsible for effectively managing these tools over time?” When it comes to software solutions, the answer used to be straightforward. Software came from a vendor, typically a through a salesperson, and was delivered on a disc for installation on a server. The process of acquiring new software took time because there were several steps in the process, including, identifying the correct solution and gaining approval from management and finance to purchase it. Times have changed, and so has how we both consume and acquire our software.

Buyers now have options for how they choose to consume their software and many are looking to the cloud. The reasons why are obvious. It’s faster, more versatile, and allows for immediate decision making, or so it seems.  For most companies, the process of purchasing “on demand” software is not as fast as one might think. Yes, it can be accessed immediately with a credit card but the right solution still takes time to find. This can lead to hourly employees wasting a lot of precious time hunting for the right solution. Even after research has been completed and the list has been narrowed down, several demos are likely to take place, at a time cost of thirty minutes to an hour to evaluate each vendor. Critical employee time is consumed in this process, which results in a financial and productivity loss to the company.

How You Can Save

Preventing this loss requires you and your employees to be forward thinking and having instant access to all information regarding the myriad of software tools available.

Considering that employees within the same department, and especially in other departments, may have no idea what others are doing or using, there is a good chance that if someone in sales needs project management software, the marketing team does as well. What if one department is already using an effective solution? How much time could be saved by exploring how an already effective tool could be used by a second department? This would prevent the need to spend hours searching for new and independent software, demoing new products and negotiating contracts.

Even if a new software solution is required, it is helpful for employees to see a list of current vendors and the internal account manager tasked with managing each solution. Since many software companies sell more than one product, this creates the opportunity to get internal feedback regarding the strength of their solutions and customer service, making it possible to narrow the list of providers faster.  Additionally, a standard internal policy for software acquisition ensures best practices are being followed by all employees which saves time, reduces costs, mitigates risks associated with contract terms and helps drive compliance throughout your organizations.

SubCentral Can Help You Cut Cost by Maximizing Your Employee’s Time

To save money on cloud software solutions, use SubCentral’s robust software management tools. We make it possible for employees to quickly see what software solutions are being used, who is managing them and even to see employee-satisfaction reviews. These robust tools allow for time and money to be saved across your organization.

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