Know what your Spending with Cost Increase Alerts

Fast cost increase alerts enable you to better control your cloud software spend by reacting to increases as they happen. Waiting until the end of the quarter, or year, to become aware of cost increases makes it impossible to influence those expenditures. If the cost increases are unwarranted, as many are, you could be wasting money and negatively impacting your company’s bottom line. Since cloud software tend to cost 2 to 5x more over time, this is a very real but unnecessary risk to take.

The only way to prevent this problem is to become aware of cost increases as they happen then share that information with those closest to the actual software. This is why SubCentral has created the Sub Manager designation. You can assign Sub Managers to each piece of software and alert them whenever there is a cost increase. Since they were likely involved in the initial purchasing process, they will know whether this was a planned or unforeseen increase and can react accordingly.