Subscription Managers Add Value to Your Organization

Cloud software is being used throughout your organization and depending on how many employees you have, this can be a difficult process to manage. Not only do you need to be alerted when new purchases are made but you also need to have relevant information regarding the vendor, costs, renewal dates, who is using each solution and more. No one knows this better than the manager or key employee who has been tasked with managing software purchases for that division. In most cases this is going to be the team lead or manager but without a clear policy in place, these individuals rarely know what they are supposed to capture or do with that data. Additionally, they may be unaware of their ongoing responsibility to manage the vendor relationship, etc. This creates a perpetual state of ambiguity and confusion within an organization as responsibility can be passed from one person to another. You can stop this confusion today using SubCentral’s Sub Manager tools. We give you the ability to designate Sub Managers within the system so that everyone is clear on who is supposed to manage a particular piece of software and what those responsibilities entail. Clarity is always beneficial because it prevents things from slipping through the cracks.