Why You Need a Cloud Software Inventory

Your employees love cloud software. That’s why you have so many applications being used across your company. The ability for employees to purchase software solutions when and as they need them makes it possible for your team to solve problems in real-time, rather than waiting for the IT or financing department to issue an approval. This is good for your organization.

SubCentral allows you to complement what's happening, instead of controlling it. You don’t want to put a halt to the use of cloud software but, as a manager, you need to find a way to manage it. This is notoriously difficult to do. SubCentral has the solution.

Our software inventory system allows you to:

  • Discover your cloud software applications. Do you know how many software applications are being used throughout your company? Any idea what they cost, who signed up for them, if they are being used or when they renew? If the answer to any of these questions is, “I don’t know” – you need a software inventory system. SubCentral’s allows you to discover all the cloud software applications being used by your team. You can either enter them manually or use our simple banking integration software to track them down for you.
  • Track software in real-time. Entering software subscriptions one time won’t be enough to keep you up-to-date. Purchases could be made on a daily basis, subscriptions canceled, or increased. SubCentral makes it possible to track these changes in real-time so that you can always see what is happening across your company and with your software spend.
  • Manage your cloud software in one location. Pull reports, go over them with your team, speak with Sub Managers about various software solutions and more. With everything in one location you’ll remain informed and can use that data to make important decisions or deliver presentations to the Board.

Everyone Has Access

SubCentral is accessed through an online portal so that you can maintain a company-wide cloud software inventory that everyone in your organization can access. This allows your team to make educated purchasing decisions. For example, if the marketing department needs a solution for purchase orders but there is already one being utilized by sales, they don’t need to use a new solution. Without this information, you could be paying for duplicate software solutions throughout your organization.

You also can designate the management of software to Sub Managers, making it possible for team leads or department heads to stay on top of the solutions being tested or utilized by their team.

Information When You Need It

As a manager, executive, or someone in the Finance or IT department, you need to have a firm grasp of the software solutions being used across your organization. This is critical for maximizing your software spend, controlling the budget, being able to forecast into the future, and implementing security measures. If you are unaware of even a single cloud software application, your network and customer data could be at risk – especially if you don’t have a strong offboarding process. These are unnecessary risks that you don’t have to take.

SubCentral’s cloud software inventory solutions make it easy for you to discover, track, and manage all your cloud software from one easy-to-access location.