How Quickly Can You Make Software Decisions?

The world is moving quickly and companies need to be nimble to keep up. As technology continues to change, companies are forced to adapt and be responsive. To do so, executives need data to make informed software decisions. Rick Smith, Manager, FP&A, Engine Yard, was quoted as saying, “We used to spend time on mining data. Now we spend more time analyzing data so we can make quick and well-informed decisions.”

The challenge most executives have with cloud software solutions is that they are operating completely in the dark and have zero data. How can executives make fast decisions when they’re not well informed?

How can CIOs determine which software solutions to invest in without knowing which ones are being used and how they are being received by the team?

How can CFOs negotiate for better contract values without a firm understanding of the cloud software solutions used across the organization, when the contracts come up for renewal and whether or not employees even want to continue using them?

How can COOs know how to increase productivity without understanding the impact that cloud software is having on the organization on a daily basis?

With the entire executive team in the dark, CEOs and the Board are hampered when making strategic decisions about how to grow the company, how much to budget for software, how to increase productivity, improve customer experiences, etc.

When it comes to cloud software, data is critical so the question becomes how to get it.

SubCentral can help

SubCentral software solutions give executives the valuable insights they need to understand the impact that cloud software is having on the organization, what software applications are being used, and what employees need to increase productivity.

How do we do this?

SubCentral can do the following –

#1 Identify cloud software solutions.

The first step in the process is to identify which software solutions are being used by employees across the organization. Since many employees will purchase cloud software on their own, it is unlikely that even the CIO is aware of everything that is currently being used.

#2 Track the cost.

Once cloud software has been identified, it is possible to document the monthly or annual cost, billing cycles, when the contract is set to renew, etc.

#3 Assign managers.

By assigning an employee to manage each cloud software solution, changes and upgrades can quickly be indentified and their will be the opportunity to respond or discontinue use if the software is no longer providing value.

#4 Gain employee feedback.

Executives need insight into how cloud software is being used on a daily basis, if employees view software as making their job easier or are frustrated by it. This information must come directly from employees. SubCentral makes receiving employee feedback easy. This allows executives to gain the insight necessary to make informed decisions. For example, by understanding what features are missing from current cloud software, CIOs can hunt for a better solution or work directly with the software provider to fill the gap, ensuring that employees have what is necessary to achieve optimal levels of productivity.

Data and insights make it possible to move quickly

With this information readily available 24/7, executives can make fast software decisions and be better prepared to grow the company, launch a new product, identify ways to be more efficient, etc.

Be prepared to make software decisions

Companies must remain nimble to be competitive. This requires the ability to make fast and informed software decisions. SubCentral provides executives with the insights and data necessary to do so.

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