Software Management with Cloud Profile Tools to See How You Stack Up

Do you feel like you are in the dark when it comes to your company’s cloud software usage? Most people are. With the ability to purchase solutions on demand, employees are taking the lead on software acquisition and by the time Management and Finance know what’s going on, contracts have typically been signed and software is being used. This reactive environment is not always healthy for business and it eliminates the control that managers have always used to optimize internal processes. So, what can you do about it? Try SubCentral.

Our cloud software management solutions make it possible to know which software your employees are using, how much they cost, when the renewals are and how much value your team is getting from the tools they use. Real-time banking transactions allow you to review actual costs vs. budgeted costs.  Onboarding new employees becomes a streamlined process instead of a burden.  Security concerns are mitigated when employees leave the company through a comprehensive offboarding task list. Monthly departmental allocations for software spend is not available with the click of a button.  Thanks to SubCentral, this is information and much more is now at your fingertips, exactly when you need it to be. The more you know, the more you can save, increase efficiencies and maximize your team’s performance.

Questions Answered by SubCentral’s Software Management Tools

We aim to provide the information companies require to make informed decisions regarding software purchases, implementation and management. Our software can answer these questions and more –

Are you paying more or less on employees than the industry as a whole?

To answer this question, you need to first understand which software solutions are being used by each of your employees. For example, how many software solutions are account managers using? How many are used by your logistics team, etc.? What is the cost for each one? Our software tracks this, allowing you to instantly see your software cost per employee. Next, analytical data can be reviewed to determine if you are paying too much per employee or saving. The ability to react accordingly can produce significant savings over time.

How do you stack up to your competitors?

Is your team making efficient use of the software you have provided or are they unproductive by comparison to your competitors? If you are paying less per employee in software cost than the industry standard it could mean one of several things –

  • Your team are expert negotiators
  • Your employees are highly productive
  • You need to spend more to keep up with advances in technology

Seeing how you stack up allows you to further investigate the cause and results of your company behaving differently from the competition.

Are your employees getting the most out of your software budget?

This is key to employee satisfaction and improved results. Just because you are paying for software solutions does not mean that they are the right solutions or that your employees enjoy using them. If your cloud software is not functioning like it should, is lacking in features, or is to complicated, employees may not enjoy using it but feel that it slows them down instead. With talent acquisition and retention being a vital part of your success, keeping your employees happy is important. SubCentral makes it easy to survey them and keep track of their satisfaction with each of the solutions you offer. If a software tool simply isn’t working for your team, you can quickly identify the problem and provide alternatives for your employees.

SubCentral’s Cloud Profile Tools Make Life Easier

Use our software management tools to stay informed and up to date so that you can make smart decisions. Our cloud profile tools make it possible to access the information you need in real time, eliminating the need to gather and track data by hand. We make life just a little bit easier.

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