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Quick and easy way to give the right access to employee role from Account Executives to Inside Sales Reps, and Finance.

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Improve your internal controls with various access levels.

By creating and defining Employee Roles in your organization, you’ll have a better understanding of what certain employees in your organization should have access to, strengthening your internal controls and privacy measures.

Discover simple Role management.

Discover how convenient it is to manage your cloud software using SubCentral.

Speak with a team member today to ask questions about Employee Roles or how you can get started.


Know the monthly cost of each Employee Role.

Employee Roles not only help you to onboard new employees, it gives you an estimate of what each role costs. This improves the ability to forecast your cloud software spend based on the number of employees you have today and your projected annual growth.


Defining and managing Employee Roles.

Creating Employee Roles now will make it easier for you during the onboarding process and while managing the lifecycle of your employees.

Employee Roles save you time
on software and employee management.


Solutions for significant change.

Define cloud software access for roles within your organization.

You can create as many or as few roles as you would like, so the options are unlimited. Once these roles have been created, you can assign or change them as needed.

Ensure a smooth onboarding process.

Rather than having your employees wait for the IT department, you can simply assign them a role so that they can begin accessing the cloud software they need to do their job on day one.

Change roles as needed.

With Employee Roles, you can instantly change employee roles in SubCentral so that they have access to the software they need based on their new and current position.

Determine the cloud software cost of each employee role type.

If account executives are assigned access to a certain number of software applications, you know what the software cost will be for each new hire.