Cloud Software Inventory

SubCentral becomes your cloud software system of record, accessible by everyone in your company.

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Easy access to company-wide cloud software inventory.

Delegate subscription management to “Sub-Managers” within your company. Instead of managing software across multiple divisions and business lines, you can begin collaborating with the people who are using it.

SubCentral makes it easy to delegate and work with the people who manage your company’s recurring cloud software subscriptions.

Complement what's happening, don't control it.

Cloud software can revolutionize your organization and make your team more efficient, but it can be a headache to manage.

SubCentral was designed to complement the decentralized cloud software purchasing behaviors that your employees love while providing the oversight and control the Finance and IT departments require.


Collaborate on recurring software subscriptions.

Use our easy-to-access inventory system to collaborate with users across your entire company. See exactly what is being used, by whom, and when.


Why is having a Cloud Software Inventory critical for your organization?

The ability for employees to purchase software solutions when and as they need them makes it possible for your team to solve problems in real-time, rather than waiting for the IT or financing department to issue an approval.

Discover, track, & manage
your cloud software in one location.


It's all in one place.

Stop operating in the dark and discover what cloud software applications are being utilized across your organization.

Add subscriptions to SubCentral using our database of over 3,000 cloud software vendors or let our banking integration feature discover them for you. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

SubCentral is the center for ALL your cloud software (SaaS) applications. Now, you can see exactly what is being utilized across your organization. Collaborate on recurring software subscriptions by using our easy-to-access inventory system.