Cloud Software Policy

Have a policy in place so that any new cloud software purchases are handled correctly.


Establish a process for cloud software trials and purchasing.

By clarifying the process from the beginning, your employees will understand what steps needed to be taken each time that they want to trial or purchase new cloud software, how to communicate that information with management or finance, and how to account for new software in the inventory system.

Customize your cloud software policy.

For help creating your policy or for access to our existing one, reach out!

Contact one of our sales representatives and SubCentral will be happy to assist you.


Easily communicate policies with new and existing employees.

Empowering your employees to make purchasing decisions and understanding the process, will enable them to gain the tools and resources needed to effectively do their jobs.

Communicating that information should not be difficult and with an established cloud software policy it won't be. Rather than needing to communicate this information verbally or on an individual basis, you can create the policy and distribute it as needed.


Every organization needs a Cloud Software Policy.

Establishing a cloud software policy now will help your organization stay in control of cloud software purchases, as well as the life cycle of the software employees are using.

Use SubCentral's Cloud Software Policy out-of-the-box or customize it to your needs.


Modify our best practices policy for your organization’s needs.

To make life easier, we have a best practices policy that you can use and modify.

We encourage you to review it, go over the different sections and points with various department leaders and decide which aspects you want to keep. You have the ability to make changes, or simply use exactly as is.