Cost Increase Alerts

Become aware of cost increases as they happen to ensure that costs increases are warranted.


Put cost increases on your radar.

Cost increases happen automatically and fly under the radar. Finance assumes they are justified when, in fact, most people don’t even realize they are happening. Give Sub Managers a complete view of actual monthly cost trends and let them know when an increase happens.

Don't wait for information!

Automatic cost increase alerts provide you with data in real-time.

Our software can identify cost increases for you, making it possible to receive an alert without doing the extra work. As a result, your team can take the appropriate steps to respond to cost increases and better manage your software expenses. Save money on your cloud software spend by becoming aware of purchases and expenditures as they happen.


Close the feedback loop with finance.

Putting cost trends in the hands of relevant Sub Managers provides visibility you never thought possible and gives Finance peace of mind that cloud software costs are warranted. When they aren’t, Sub Managers and Finance can work to reduce them.


Know what you're spending with cost increase alerts.

Fast cost increase alerts enable you to better control your cloud software spend by reacting to increases as they happen. You can assign Sub Managers to each piece of software and alert them whenever there is a cost increase.

Increase power in negotiation and budgeting.


Cost increase alerts offer opportunity.


Once aware of cost increases, Sub Managers can negotiate with vendors to have the costs reduced back to pre-increase levels or at minimum, negotiate pricing discounts.

Close the loop with Finance for better budgeting.

Finance will typically assume that a cost increase has been approved by the purchasing manager. Without information to the contrary, they will continue to make payments when invoiced. Let SubCentral monitor your transactions in real-time and receive alerts for price increases so that the team can determine appropriate next steps.

Prepare for long-term costs.

Becoming aware of current and future increases allows Finance to create a budget or projections that are better aligned with reality.