Credit Card Monitoring

Pull actual cost information into SubCentral by integrating your company's bank and credit card accounts.


Secure banking integrations.

Over 10,000 financial institution integrations.

Unleash the power of banking integration—the most innovative and powerful feature the cloud software industry has seen this decade. You can save thousands of dollars on your cloud software costs by easily seeing what you are spending today and have spent historically.

Your bank and credit card company can seamlessly integrate with SubCentral. With integration available for over 10,000 financial institutions, you can be sure SubCentral works for your organization.

Sync up to 12 months of historical transactions.

Avoid manual data input by syncing up to 12 months of historical transactions into SubCentral.

Unleash powerful features including cloud software discovery, real-time transaction monitoring, cost increase alerts, and actual cost trends to provide immediate value to you and your organization.


Industry’s most-trusted banking integrations at your fingertips.

We are determined to keep your data safe and secure at all times.

SubCentral has partnered with the industry’s top banking integration provider, Finicity, to ensure our solution offers the most secure banking connections the industry has to offer.


Secure Banking Integrations Can Save You Time

We have simplified the process by making it possible to integrate your banking and credit card records with our service. This is by far the easiest way for you to develop a comprehensive cloud software inventory.

Powerful banking integration
tools at your fingertips.


Your data is safe with SubCentral.

Software discovery.

Leverage your transaction history to quickly and seamlessly create your list of software subscriptions.

Save time.

Once software is in your inventory, you can assign Sub Managers to each solution and have them fill in any blanks. This means no more data entry for you personally.

Accurate information.

Instead of guessing on the cost of each software solution, you can see what it has been historically and what you are paying today.

Real-time data and alerts.

Once your banking and credit card information is integrated, we can alert you to any new cloud software charges and you can instantly see monthly or yearly totals.

Historical reporting.

We will integrate the last 12 months of your banking and credit card statements. You can then print reports that can be shown to the Board or other executives.