Dedicated Inbox

Signup for SubCentral and receive a dedicated inbox for all your documents related to cloud software and your subscriptions.


Establish a central place for software related emails and documents.

Rather than each employee keeping software agreements, you can have one central location where all documents can be retrieved.

Ask your entire team to forward any cloud software related documents to your central inbox.

Get organized.

You can organize all aspects of your subscriptions beginning with signup and negotiations.

Learn more about our solutions and how they can assist you by reaching out to a SubCentral team member today.


Easily access historical information.

Make negotiations faster and easier.

Now you can access information exactly when you need it, rather than trying to track it down and going into negotiations blind.


Receive a Dedicated Inbox for all your Cloud Software documents when using SubCentral.

SubCentral can be your cloud software inventory of record. All information pertaining to the software your company is using can be found here.

Organize your company
with the Dedicated Inbox.


Dedicated Inbox for Cloud Software documents.

Establish a central place for software related emails and documents.

Imagine if only fifty of your employees signed up for cloud software subscriptions. You need access to this pertinent information and not having it will leave anyone needing to manage the subscription, make changes or negotiate terms scrambling to locate it.

Anyone can forward documents and emails to [email protected]

Regardless of position in the company or how many subscriptions they sign up for, everyone should have the same protocols in place to ensure that no documents are lost or misplaced.

Easily access historical information for better negotiations.

When adding users to a subscription, requesting customizations, or negotiating payment terms, having the details of the account and former discussions will make it possible to negotiate from a better position. Accessing historical data is also critical for new management.