Employee Onboarding

Ensure your new employees have access to the tools they need on day one with Employee Onboarding tools from SubCentral.

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Give the right access on day one.

Help your employees succeed with immediate access.

In a fast-paced organization, it is difficult to ensure your new employees get access to the tools they need. Help your new employees to succeed on day one by giving them immediate access to the tools they need to do their job.

Improve new employee satisfaction.

Make your new employees' onboarding process one to remember, with good reason.

With Employee Onboarding, new employees can log into SubCentral to see a list of applications they have access to and begin using them right away.


Assign employee roles to new employees.

Assign existing Employee Roles to new employees as part of the onboarding process. Make one designation, rather than assigning new hires to each individual software application.

This can eliminate redundancies and save time when hiring numerous people.


Employee Onboarding made easy.

When going through large hiring sprees, saving an hour or more on each employee's onboarding can quickly become significant.

Comprehensive onboarding solutions
built for success.


Available for all SubCentral users.

Grant employees the right access on day one.

With SubCentral’s employee onboarding, you can grant access to the software solutions new hires will need to be productive at work, from their first day. No delay, and no loss of productivity.

Assign access levels and roles to new and existing employees.

You may have specific roles assigned to each department or you could go one step further and have roles for each job title within that division. Once Employee Roles have been established, new hires only need to be assigned an existing role, at which point they could be granted access by Sub Managers.

Improve employee satisfaction with easier onboarding.

If your employees are granted the appropriate access right away and shown how to use their new software tools, they will feel like a valuable member of the team from the get-go.