Insights & Powerful Reporting

Now you can understand every detail of how your company is spending money on cloud software.


Configure and export custom financial and usage reports.

You can pull custom reports whenever you need them. Whether you are a department head going over your individual expenses or you are in finance and need to see an updated monthly budget, being able to pull financial reports in real-time is incredibly valuable.

When using SubCentral as your inventory of record, this is all possible. You can obtain instant financial information and use those reports however necessary.

Pull detailed reports.

Retrieve accurate financial data by pulling detailed reports exactly when you need them.

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Understand your cloud software expense and the impact on cash flow.

From a cash flow perspective, it is critical that you understand what you are paying for your software, how frequently you are making those payments, and if any large payments are coming up and when.

Your cash flow is impacted by these daily expenditures and something like an unforeseen $50,000 renewal expense could hamper your cash flow or impact funds that you had set aside for alternative projects.


Our Insights and Powerful Reporting tools give you in-depth information when you need it.

With SubCentral’s robust cloud software inventory system, you receive incredible tools which make it easier to understand, budget, and manage your cloud software.

Monitor cloud software spend
by vendor, department, and user.


Understand who you are paying.

With SubCentral's robust reporting and management tools, you can understand every aspect of your company's cloud software spend. This means that you can immediately identify employees that sign up for the most free trials or order cloud software subscriptions.

With the ability to understand what your company is paying per vendor, you can begin to negotiate. If you are spending high dollar amounts with one or two vendors per year, this puts you in a position to negotiate lower pricing or better contractual terms.