Subscription Manager Assignment

Assign to purchase and manage the cloud software your employees rely on every day.


Enable powerful features such as offboarding and reporting.

Designating people in your organization as Sub Managers enables powerful features, such as offboarding.

This allows you to terminate an employee in SubCentral, sending the Sub Manager an alert to verify the employee has been removed from all of their cloud software accounts.

Create effective communication with managers.

Collaborate across departments to evaluate cloud software quickly and effectively.

Provide Finance and IT with the information they need without slowing your organization down.


Capture vendor negotiations for future reference.

Cloud software subscriptions can span many years while being used by numerous people as they join and leave your organization.

Take a lifecycle management approach by capturing and preserving critical data. This allows relevant and valuable information, such as annual negotiations led by Sub Managers, to be captured and referenced for years to come.


Subscription managers add value to your organization.

Not only do you need to be alerted when new purchases are made but you also need to have relevant information regarding the vendor, costs, renewal dates, who is using each solution, and more.

Organize and control your
cloud software through SubCentral.


Designate sub managers.

Retrieve key data.

Sub Managers are closer to the actual purchasing process and it will be easier for them to retrieve key vendor data than it would be for you. They can enter any missing information.

Collaborate with your organization and delegate responsibility.

Delegating responsibility can be incredibly beneficial because it places the person closest to the software being used in charge of that vendor relationship.

Enable powerful features such as offboarding and reporting.

With Sub Managers in place, you can identify an employee as terminated and assign the Sub Manager the task of ensuring that their access to data has been revoked.

Create an effective communication medium with managers.

Share key information among managers or access critical data provided by Sub Managers. Easy retrieval makes it likely that your organization will stay informed and up-to-date with vendor relationships.