Usage Auditing

Find out what cloud software applications are being used by your employees and how effective they are with ongoing usage monitoring.


Powerful auditing features provide valuable insights.

Get the most out of your cloud software applications by auditing their usage. Find out which programs your employees use the most and make decisions based on key insights.

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Find out every time new cloud software is purchased with our robust banking integration features.


Check the pulse of your organization with usage monitoring.

Manage the lifecycle of your cloud software by keeping a pulse on usage and your employees' needs. Quickly identify when a software application is no longer valuable or has become obsolete and needs to be replaced or discontinued.


Usage auditing provides valuable insights into cloud software usage.

Keeping a pulse on your company's cloud software usage is far easier than you might think.

Make informed decisions regarding
your current and future software purchases.


Greater planning, budgeting, and control.

Knowing what cloud software solutions are being utilized by your employees. Each time a new software subscription is added, a Sub Manager can be assigned to the account. This creates a designated person in your organization to manage access to the subscription and the vendor relationship.

Gain valuable insights using our auditing feature. Your employees may purchase an application for a specific task, promotion, product launch, etc. Auditing how effective they are and how well your employees like them will allow you to keep the most efficient solutions and eliminate any redundancies.

Regularly check the pulse of your organization. At any given time, you can know how many applications you are paying for, which department is utilizing them, how much they cost, and if your employees perceive these solutions as a value-add.