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Download these tools for free to help your Finance, IT, & Legal teams manage your recurring cloud software subscription purchases.


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For Finance & Budget Managers

Cloud Software Budgeting Tool

Use our cloud software budgeting tool to ensure you properly forecast expense, prepaid accounts, and cash flow.

For Finance & Accounting

Cloud Software Prepaid Expense Schedule

Use our prepaid expense schedule to amortize and manage your prepaid cloud software contracts.

For Finance, IT, & Operations

Subscription Checklist

Use our subscription checklist to ensure you capture and store all of the important information related to each of you subscriptions.

For IT & Operations

Asset Tracking Tool

Use our asset tracking tool to track and manage the hardware assets your company distributes to employees.

For Finance, IT, & Legal

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy Checklist

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy Checklist - Use our terms checklist to review the legal terms the buyers of software in your organization has exposed your company to.

For Finance & Operations

Best Practices Cloud Software Purchasing Policy

Use our best practices policy to establish internal controls related to decentralized buying behaviors of cloud software.